High Stability Wave-dissipating Block for Severe Wave Condition


GRASP is a high stability wave-dissipating block that can be used in places where high stability is required, such as deepwater zones and high wave areas.
The tapered shaped legs that interlock with adjacent blocks enhance stability.
The porosity is very large as 63.5%, and the used number and costs can be greatly reduced.
The stability number (Kd value=20.6) was calculated through joint research with Kyoto University and overseas research institutes, and the reliability of the stability is high.

  • ✔High stability is exerted by the interlocking of reinforced concrete blocks.
  • ✔Since the effect of reducing overtopping discharge is high, it has made it possible to lower the crown height of the breakwater and to reduce construction costs.
  • ✔Since it is difficult to figure out the behavior of the blocks in the actual sea area by the experiments, we provide high technology with actual attack wave data and monitoring.
  • ✔As climate change measures, GRASP can be used to enhance existing breakwaters, such as adding GRASP on other wave-dissipating blocks.
Due to its high stability, 40-ton to 50-ton GRASP can be applied even in places where 80 to 100-ton blocks are conventionally required.
Experiments have confirmed that if the GRASP R-type is installed in a single-layer system, it has the same level of stability as conventional single-layer system blocks.



Construction Records

Kitaebisu Fishing Port Enhancement Project Niigata Prefecture, Japan (2010-2012)
GRASP P-type 40 and 50t

Yoshiwara Offshore Breakwater Construction Project, Toyama Prefecture Japan (2014-2015)
GRASP P-type 40t

Ako Fishing Port Breakwater Construction Project, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan (2016-2017)
GRASP P-type 40t

Okawa Fishing Port Enhancement Project, Niigata Prefecture, Japan (2016-2019)
GRASP P-type 40t