Conservation of the affluent national land.
Creation of a secure life. Toward a harmonious coexistence between nature and humans. Conservation of the affluent national land. Creation of a secure life. Toward a harmonious coexistence between nature and humans.

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April 23, 2020
Now "Environmentally Active Concrete (EAC)" has been posted on our homepage.
Check out the details of EAC, new innovative concrete containing amino acid.
Mar.11 2020
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Main Products
Product introduction


RAKUNA-IV is a radiation-type wave-dissipating block with 4 hollows on the surface. RAKUNA means "little hollow" in Latin. The hollows increase the surface roughness, which improves the wave-dissipating effect and also provides a habitat for marine organisms. The interlocking of the hollows and legs prevents the spread of damage and achieves high stability against waves.



GRASP is a high stability wave-dissipating block that can be used in places where high stability is required, such as deepwater zones and high wave areas.
The tapered shaped legs that interlock with adjacent blocks enhance stability.
The porosity is very large as 63.5%, and the used number and costs can be greatly reduced.



STONE-BLOCK is a flat type block widely used as an armor block such as foot/bottom protections and revetments, seawalls and artificial reefs on coasts and breakwater mound armoring. To achieve a simple and low cost method, STONE-BLOCK was developed as an alternative to large armor stones.


Environmentally Active Concerte (EAC)

Environmentally Active Concrete (EAC) is a new innovative concrete developed by joint research among NIKKEN KOGAKU, Ajinomoto and Tokushima University. The selected amino acid mixed in concrete elutes slowly into the water from the surface of hardened concrete without damaging the concrete strength and it encourages microalgae attached on the concrete surface to grow more and faster.


Strengths of Nikken Kogaku
Strong point

Strengths of Nikken Kogaku

Strengths of Nikken Kogaku

Our reliable steel formworks are the highest quality in the world, which are manufactured in the plant with the highest level of precision machining technology in Japan.

Joint research and experiment with universities, research institutions and different industries both within and outside Japan
Personnel exchanges with national research agencies
Highly rated by NETIS (New Technology Information System of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
Verification of results (monitoring)
No. of patent applications: More than 800